Posted on Aug 18, 2017

Lindsey Street Update

Public Works Director, Sean O’Leary gave an update on the progress of construction underway at W Lindsay Street, telling Norman Rotarians that all four lanes of traffic are expected to be open by the end of September. Once the project is completely finished by the end of the year, Norman will have one of central Oklahoma’s most picturesque urban thoroughfares, with bike lanes, bus turnouts, and trees lining both side of the street as well as the center median.
O’Leary said West Lindsey had become a notoriously dangerous street with a crash rate that was three times the national average. Transportation officials also considered Lindsay the most congested traffic corridor in the Oklahoma City area.
O’Leary said the Lindsey Street widening project and the adjacent Interstate 35 bridge and interchange system had a price tag of about $107 million, largely paid for through federal transportation funds. The result will be a modern new entryway for visitors and Norman residents to use and enjoy.
While Lindsey Street was the most visible and drew the most discussion, the main purpose of all the work on Lindsey was to improve drainage in the area. He said the project included construction of enormous channels buried as much as 30 feet below the street. That project is also drawing to conclusion and will soon alleviate the notorious flooding problem on McGee Street.