Posted on Aug 10, 2017

Legacy, Cross Timbers Clubs Say Hello

Norman Rotary Club Member Charles Hollingsworth visits with speakers Andrew Seamans and Connie Eckstein. Seamans is a member of the Legacy Rotary Club in Norman and Eckstein is a member of Norman's Cross Timbers Rotary Club. 
Legacy and Cross Timbers Rotary Club members Andrew Seamans and Connie Eckstein were the featured speakers at the Norman Rotary Club’s Aug. 10 meeting.
Seamans is a charter member of the Legacy Club, which began in 2014 with a schedule that calls for two regular meetings per month. The group has 24 members and moves to various meeting locations in Norman.
Eckstein said Cross Timbers celebrated the 20th anniversary of its charter this year, and has 27 members, 15 of whom are women. All members are Paul Harris Fellows. The club meets every Tuesday evening. Many members enjoy the fact that wine is served with dinner.