Thank you to Moore Police Chief Todd Gibson and Adrienne Elder for sharing how bringing Handle with Care to our state is helping children who have experienced trauma. This is a great partnership between law enforcement, first responders and our schools. Our Rotary club member, Dr. Nick Migliorino, NPS Superintendent, shared how Cleveland County was the second county in the state to initiate and implement the program. 
The “Handle With Care” model provides a cross-sector opportunity to prevent long-term inequities by changing the trajectory of children exposed to traumatic events. When a law enforcement officer encounters a child during a 911 call, that child’s name and three words, “HANDLE WITH CARE,” are forwarded to the school before the school bell rings the next day. The school implements trauma-sensitive curricula so that children are “Handled With Care." If a child/family needs more support, on-site trauma focused behavioral health, health and social services are available. To learn more click here or visit