Rotary members shared the good news that most kids here today don't even know what Polio is, but it was a very real, everyday, threat when they were growing up and still is in a few countries.  Thank you club members for matching Rotaract's gift and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation will match our gift, helping provide over 22,211 immunizations - all done at last Thursday's meeting. Way to go!  That is great collective impact! We are this close!
Jaci Williams talks about not being able to go to the pool or to the movie theater as a kid because of  the fear of catching Polio.
Kyle Hurley reminds us of the two biggest medical inventions in history that have made the biggest impact on reducing mortality rates and illness: 1) Immunizations and 2) Penicillin.
John Waller shares his memories of how his family dealt with the Polio threat.
Jim Dembowski donned the Rotary Polio Plus garb he wore in India when he administered the drops of the Polio vaccine to children.
Don Atkins puts into perspective on how far we've come to eradicate Polio and save people's lives, but gives us the charge to do more because we are not done yet!
Erin Barnhart shares how her father had Polio and decided to become a doctor because of it in spite of the challenges Polio has physically affected him.
Clarence Warner reminds us of the importance of giving to the Rotary Foundation to help eradicate Polio.
November 3--Dennis Brigham/Clarence Warner, Polio Plus:
Thursday’s meeting is devoted to PolioPlus using members of our club to present interesting stories of experiences with Polio or information of Rotary International's PolioPlus campaign.  Last week, Norman Rotary was presented with an oversize check for $3,500 from the OU Rotaract Club payable to The Rotary Foundation for PolioPlus.  During the presentation, our club was challenged to "Meet or beat" this amount for PolioPlus.  Rotary's 4th Annual World Polio Day event was held on October 24th at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta.