We honor and will miss these three distinguished men who truly lived Rotary's motto, "Service Above Self"! Thank you for giving and leaving your legacy for Norman and Rotary!
Charles Hollingsworth
Randy Laffoon, past Norman Rotary Club President  https://obits.oklahoman.com/obituaries/oklahoman/obituary.aspx?pid=196859203
Someone voiced word of cheer,
Someone penned a note of hope,
Someone helped dispel a fear,
Someone led a man to hope,
            Was that someone you?
Someone lent a helping hand,
Someone met a neighbor’s need,
Someone caused a club to stand,
Someone did a kindly deed,
            Was that someone you?
Someone coached a troubled boy,
Someone taught a lonely girl,
Someone brought him Christmas joy,
Someone gave her her first pearl,
            Was that someone you?
Someone helped a teacher teach,
Someone helped a nurse to nurse,
Someone helped a preacher preach,
Someone helped a child rehearse,
            Was that someone you?
Someone kept a youth in school,
Someone tended a child to grow,
Someone taught the Golden Rule,
Someone fanned a mind aglow,
            Was that someone you?
Someone pressed a war to slow,
Someone helped a camper send,
Someone made the water flow,
Someone caused disease to end,
               Was that someone you?
  • PDG and club member,
Robert L. Lynn, PhD