Dubai trip
Oct 12, 2017
Michael Ridgeway
Dubai trip

Michael is the president-elect for the Sooner club and will be speaking about his work in Dubai.  Michael is a native Oklahoman who arrived to Norman in 1976 to attend the University of Oklahoma.  He eventually earned degrees in Public Administration and Law, and continued his education by taking classes in welding and bass fishing.  Michael enjoys making stuff, including tree houses, cedar hot tubs, a tack room, saddle racks, dog houses, a rocking chair, and his current project, a greenhouse.

As a lawyer, Michael served the State of Oklahoma as General Counsel at the Insurance Commissioner’s office, where his adventures included testifying in criminal trials of three Oklahoma public officials and a federal organized crime prosecution in Los Angeles.  From 2011 through 2015, he worked for the Emirate of Dubai as General Counsel and Board Secretary for the Dubai Financial Services Authority, their government agency that regulates banking, insurance, and securities.

Michael and his wife Judy enjoy travel and motorcycles.  They have ridden throughout the western US and across the deserts and mountains of the Arabian peninsula.  They have visited every US state and many foreign countries, but the place they love most is their little ranch in east Norman where they raised three children, cattle, horses, dogs, and too many cats.