Dance Educator
Founded and directed
Modern Dance Program for NHS and NNHS      1995-2001, 2003-2005
Assistant Professor, Department of Dance, OU                      1985-1993
Assistant Professor, Department of Dance, Ohio State U.      1979-1981


Joined Norman Rotary Club on August 17, 2016
This is her first Rotary club


Margarita's education in dance combined both a conservatory and university opportunities. She studied for 6 and ½ years at the Royal Ballet School in London where she received the best training in ballet technique and the rare opportunity to study choreography for three years with Léonide Massine of the Ballets Russes. She transitioned from ballet to modern dance motivated by the vision of expanding my choreographic and performance capabilities. After a sojourn in New York where she performed her own choreography in concert, Margarita decided to take a different direction in my career, entering UCLA as a graduate student in dance education. Her thesis was about creative dance. Later she was able to complete an MFA in choreography at The Ohio State University. She have served students and classroom teachers as a Fellow of the Oklahoma A+ Schools Program for 12 years. She has taught residencies at several Norman elementary schools through support of the Visiting Artist Program. Margarita is most proud of her volunteer teaching for Mosaicos, an afterschool program at Truman Elementary developed for Hispanic children and their families. The Directors, Marisol Faro-Suarez and ELL teacher Ellen Kraft, have carefully designed a K- 5th grade curriculum that supports the students’ educational goals and expands their world view to enhance self awareness and leadership. She teaches folkloric dance as a cultural component.